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Healthy and Safe Event Rentals

Our entire team wish for you and your loved ones continued safety and good health. We are here to remind you as we begin to celebrate in person events once again, we will partner with you every step of the way. We’re committed to ensuring you a Healthy and Safe event with the utmost caution and care for our team members, you and your clients. Our team is so excited to participate in your upcoming celebrations and events!

Commitment To Health & Safety

Our SOP’s are based on direction provided by the Provincial Government1 to Restaurant and Food Services Companies regarding safe operation during COVID-19 re-opening, advice from our cleaning, hygiene and environmental services partner EcoLab4, our understanding of relevant regulations for Food Premises as set out in the Ontario Heath Protection & Promotion act5, and our own operating knowledge & expertise.

Showroom Policy

Book by email: [email protected]

Book by telephone: 416.759.2611

Event Rental Group displays our full product collection for the benefit of clients to experience the rentals firsthand and experience their tablescape. Whether it be wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, engagement, anniversary, BBQ, fundraisers and more.

Our showroom is available by appointment only.  Please contact us via email or telephone to schedule an appointment.

We have always prioritized the safety of our clients and we are practicing and enforcing best practices in the midst of COVID-19 for our employees and visitors to the showroom.  What to expect:

CMMC employees

  • Our employees will have their temperature checked and a comprehensive verbal questionnaire completed before commencing their shift.
  • Our employees will be required to wear mask or facial coverings; and
  • Our employees will regularly sanitize and disinfect common areas/high touch areas frequently


Please Note: To ensure our employees and visitors maintain proper social distancing, we will limit a showroom visit to one (1) hour and a maximum of two (2) people.   

Delivery & Pick Up

Delivery staff will wear PPE (Gloves, Facemask) at all times when picking up and dropping off rental equipment.

At all times when on a client site, staff must practice social distancing, and remain at a minimum of 6 feet apart (where possible) from other people (CMMC staff, and patrons / employees of the site).

Under no circumstances will a member of our team enter a private residence. Teams can drop off equipment to backyards, into garages, or other outdoor secure spaces.

Employee Shift Arrival

Each day employees arriving to work will be asked a set of Screening Questions.  An employee answering yes to any of the Screening Questions will be advised to return home, self-isolate, and call their regular doctor or local public health authority to discuss their symptoms, treatment options and quarantine requirements.

To promote a safe workplace and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, a non-contact thermometer will be used at every shift.  Any employee who has a temperature reading that is 38 c or over, will be advised to return home, self-isolate, and call their regular doctor or local public health authority.

Workplace Safety

Rental Equipment Handling

Prior to handling any rental equipment, staff must sanitize their hands, and put on gloves, and a mask. Under no circumstances can a staff member handle any piece of rental equipment without first sanitizing their hands, and then putting on PPE.

Non-Rental Equipment
Wipes and cleaners will be available throughout our warehouse and in our fleet of trucks /vehicles. Staff must wipe down frequently touched surfaces of shared non-rental equipment before and after use (for example, forklift or truck steering wheel, pump truck handles etc.).

External Contractors / Vendors
Any visit from an external contractor / vendor must be prescheduled and compete the Screening Questionnaire, ideally prior to arrival. No contractors / vendors can attend to CMMC facilities unannounced.

Vendors / contractors must sanitize their hands upon entry to CMMC facilities, must wear a mask at all times when on CMMC property, and must maintain, where possible, social distancing.

Ontario Re-Opening Plan

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