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Event Rental Group endeavors to be an industry leader through the implementation of dynamic environmental standards and practices that show our duty to fulfill corporate and social obligations.

We strive to ensure the environment is considered in our day by day tasks. This is of most extreme significance to our prosperity as a company that cares; now and into the future.

This commitment guarantees that the entirety of our exercises is in line with ecological laws and guidelines.

At Event rental group, we’re always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our fleet… onto Greener pastures!

In the past our trucks were required to be newer than 6 years old, however, we’ve moved to newer than 4 years old in 2019 for all our straight trucks to achieve maximum fuel efficiency and reliability.

  • • New vehicles in general are more fuel efficient and have lower emissions than older ones. These trucks also have the latest technology to limit emissions of particulates and nitrogen oxide.
  • • We’ve taken measures to further lighten our trucks by switching to lighter tailgates among other components, which can make a drastic difference in fuel consumption; especially on shorter “stop and go” trips.

Location, location, location….

Fuel efficient systems alone won’t allow us to reach maximum efficiency if our average distance to our customers is large. Our East York location puts us within 15 KM’s of most of our deliveries.

With all these factors considered, this means in optimal conditions a delivery to the downtown core in a straight truck may consume as little as 4.2 liters of diesel fuel.*

Laundry/linen department

Event Rental Group supplies a wide selection of polyester linens which have many “green” benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • • Polyester is stronger and more resistant to chemicals than cotton, so fabrics last longer. Linens are replaced less frequently.
  • • Polyester is 100% recyclable, with results in fewer linens going to landfills.
  • • Polyester linens do not need to be dried before ironing. Skipping this step saves on natural gas and/or electric energy

Our primary linen suppliers are forward thinking with regards to the environment.

  • • Milliken & Co. maintains its carbon negative certification, unique to the textile industry, through reliable sources, sequestration and energy reduction.
  • • Ultimate Textiles have just developed a new product which is made from 100% recycled polyester. Plastic bottles will be turned into polyester thread and woven into fabric to make linens.

Linen & Dish Room Maintenance

Event Rental Group has partnered with many environmentally friendly companies. Ecolab services our washing equipment is an established company with social responsibility to the global community. They have assisted Event Rental Group in saving water and energy. The wastewater we produce is closely monitored to ensure we operate within municipal wastewater standards. Ecolab has reformulated products to remove chemicals that harm aquatic life or damage the environment.

Additional Efforts

In early 2020 we switched the lighting at our 210 Wicksteed location to high efficiency, LED lights. This change is expected to eliminate hundreds of thousands of KWH’s of demand over the course of a single year.

Event Rental Group endeavors to sell or donate used equipment rather than throwing away. In addition, we have our own in-house repair shop and paint shop which helps to extend the life of rental items. We also will cut down worn wooden tables into smaller sizes to divert as much waste from landfills as possible.

We have constructed protective packaging for some of our more fragile items in the form of wood boxes, while the may be a bit bulky and heavy they have a long shelf life thereby reducing the need to replace them often, the material is recyclable and prolongs the life of our identified fragile equipment (silver chafing dishes, samovars etc.).
Event Rental Group stocks numerous “green” products such as soya candles and “Green Shift” paper products for those clients that have an increased awareness of environmental sustainability.

Event Rental Group has a paper, wood, and metal recycling program. Recycling bins are provided and services by Miller Waste Systems.

Our Administration and Customer Service staff strive to conserve ink and paper unnecessarily consumed by printing. Most work is communicated via email allowing many transactions to be processed electronically, saving both paper and time.

Event Rental Group wish is to be a good neighbour and partner within the communities we serve, and we are proud to continue to find ways in our responsibility to be as sustainable as possible.

*based on a consumption of 3.5 KM’s / liter. While fuel consumption varies, our 20 foot straight trucks can achieve 4KM’s / liter as per Penske Leasing.


Job Type: Full time, permanent
Pay: $20.50 hourly

At Chair-Man Mills, our goal is to service our clients with the highest of service. We rent
everything you could need for the event, except for the food, drink and guest. We deliver and pick up party rentals in the Toronto Area and occasionally out of town. We are a flexible and positive employer with many shifts and work schedules to suit.

Full time work is available immediately. We are seeking full G Class drivers with at least two years of straight truck experience with a clean drivers abstract.

As the driver, you will take a partner with you to assist in completing party rental deliveriesand pick ups to certain venue and residences in the greater Toronto area. Most deliveries (70%) are ground level, using a pump truck or dolly to unload. The driver partner will stabilize the skids on the tailgate while they are lowered. Most deliveries consist of glasses, and dishes; the boxes are light for the most part; tables and chairs are pre-loaded onto dollies or skids and need to be unloaded at the site and put into place. A small part of the deliveries (30%) are to docks.

There is an opportunity for overtime, especially during the peak months; one day of weekend availability is required (either Saturday or Sunday).

What we offer:

  • A competitive compensation package
  • Opportunity for growth and development
  • Friendly dispatch
  • Meeting many new people
  • Change from the traditional freight world

If this opportunity sounds like a good fit we want to hear from you!

Accepted file types: docx, pdf, Max. file size: 10 MB.

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